Ezy-Hop Single Unit Code EH-1

100% British

The EZY-HOP platform has many unique features, for example:

  • A Hatched Platform
  • Easier to clean
  • Allows liquids to pass through
  • Reduces weight
  • Provides grip
  • Used to position unit

Interlinking EZY-HOP Units

  • Extender packs available
  • Slots together in seconds
  • No need for screws, fixings or straps.
  • Easy to Move and Reposition
  • Easily lifted or dragged by either foot when hands are occupied with other duties


  • The EZY-HOP is constructed from 34% glass reinforced nylon
  • Identical precision fit tapers maintain strength, rigidity and stability of the EZY-HOP at all times.

The EZY-HOP height can be changed from 350mm to 500mm within seconds, allowing you a working height from 2.6m (8.6ft) to 2.7m (9.0ft) assuming a person of average height. The platform of a single unit is 1000mm x 500mm. If you fix units together, the new length will be 1000mm for each unit added, so 2 units (EH-2) is 2000mm x 500mm, 3 units (EH-3) is 3000mm x 500mm and so on.

The EZY-HOP conforms to BS. 2037: 1994 Class 1 Industrial and to BS. EN 1004:2004 Class 3.